Donating gives you a high! And with Blue Sky it's a literal high!

Treat your loved ones and give a sightseeing flight as a gift. Sightseeing flight is a worthy gift that is suitable for any occasion - anniversary, birthday, name-day, graduation, wedding, a celebration with a colleague at work or a gift for joy.

In summer, in winter, our country is beautiful in every season from above. Sightseeing flight is an amazing experience that will allow you to take a look at the world and its problems with ease. Raise your soul, and at least for a while and let you get rid of your everyday worries.

Gifts, believe me, captivate both men and Gods ...  Ovid


Gift certificates

A gift certificate can be ordered for each flight from our offer
We send you a gift certificate to your email address immediately after paying your order
On-line order and payment
You can personify the gift certificate
The gift certificate is valid for 12 months
Darkove baleni
If you wish, we will send you a voucher by mail in a beautiful gift package (only within Czech Republic)

Aviation gifts

Beautiful aviation gifts can be ordered together with your gift certificate. We will send you an aviation gift by mail (only within Czech Republic) or we can deliver it to you directly just before the flight adventure.

The aviation gifts are made of quality materials and designed to delight fans and flying lovers.