Adventure details
Departute Kladno Airport
Destination Krakov, Poland
Flight time 1 h 20 minutes
Passangers 1 to 5
Avialibility May to October

Our plane will take you into the grandiose underworld, where nature and man created something unforgettable – salt mines of Wieliczka – an amazing underground town with a labyrinth of corridors connecting temples and extraordinary underground spaces.

In the Wieliczka salt mines, you can find wonderful chambers carved into rock salt, amazing underground salt lakes, stately wooden structures and unique salt statues. Almost 3 kilometres of zigzag corridors, 135 m below the ground.

You can choose from several underground tours. You can experience an exciting adventure and test your physical strength, on your adrenaline journey to the virgin areas of the salt mines.

If you are more attracted by a real adventure, you can try the work of a miner, you can take part in a miners´ expedition – in the miner´s clothes and with the miner´s tools.

If you are spiritual character, start on a journey of a pilgrim. You will see beautiful chapels, religious statues carved in the salt, unique views, beautiful chambers, galleries and passages. Here, your belief encourages you on each your step.

More details on the Wieliczka salt mines HERE!



Blue Sky Adventures wishes you a nice flight and unforgetable adventure!

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